Bennett Land Company

Bennett Land Company, Incorporated, a real estate brokerage firm that deals exclusively in agriculture and ranching properties in the southwestern portion of the United States, was established in 1974 in Clovis, New Mexico, by H. D. “Bud” Bennett, the qualifying broker.

Bennett Land Company strives to take a business approach to the marketing of agriculture properties.  Our goal is to research the feasibility of properties to produce an income while satisfying the expectations of the prospective buyers.  As land brokers, we strive to miter both the desires and needs of the Sellers and the Buyers.

At Bennett Land Company, Inc. our single focus is marketing properties.  We do not appraise nor manage properties.  We are known for our reputation of completing difficult and complex transactions to the satisfaction of both the buyers and the sellers.

With over eighty years of combined business experience, our reputation will have to speak for itself.  With associates and affiliates located throughout the southwest, our clients’ marketing needs are met with our pledge to give our demonstrable best efforts to market the property.